Soak In The Afternoon Sun To Enjoy The Newly Launched Daily Brunch Here!

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Waterside Cafe at Hyatt Regency Kolkata, India has opened its door to the patrons post lockdown. The fine-dining restaurant imparts an indulgence that reflects in its re-vamped buffet spread, launched recently. The extravagant dining experience with eye-pleasing spread features great salad spread to plentiful dishes from the North Indian, Italian, Mughlai and Chinese cuisines diligently curated by executive chef Vikas Singh.

Dig into some assortment of light meals, while you wait for the other signature bites or mains to arrive. A mezze (or meze comes from Persian meaning 'snack' or 'taste') platter graced with all the bright, sour, herby and savoury flavour profiles filled with dips and oven-fresh soft pita breads.

HUMMUS - mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic, so fresh and healthy.

BABA GANOUSH - oven-roasted mashed eggplant mixed with tahini, olive oil, possibly lemon juice and various seasonings brings the smoky flavour with a slightly tangy taste and nuttiness from the tahini.

TZATZIKI - super versatile creamy Greek yoghurt sauce mixed with cucumbers, fresh garlic, salt, olive oil, herbs such as dill, mint, parsley and thyme is a perfect accompaniment.

Get your crunch on with a HEALTHY BOWL of goodness that brings flavorful grilled summer salad paired with juicy chicken, lettuce, pomegranate, olives to make lunchtimes worth.

Tease your taste buds with their aromatic Indian super tender smoked kebabs with distinct taste, served with green chutney.

Creamy and delicious BHARWAN MALAI BROCCOLI grilled to perfection in the marinade, mix together hung curd, cashew paste, fresh cream, grated cheese and perfumed with Indian spices.

The appealing Dhaba style TAWA TROUT fish is flavourful and colourful too.

Another absolute delish is the LAL MIRCH KA MURGH TIKKA - with smoky flavours of a simple blend of crushed dried red chilli and lemon wrapped over tender juicy pieces of chicken.

RAMPURI PANEER TIKKA stands out with it bomb of flavours coming from mint fillings.

The gorgeous signature Main courses spread takes its pride from the culinary landscape of Pakistan. The meat curry ALOO GOSHT, originating from the Indian subcontinent consists of potatoes cooked with meat, in a stew-like shorba is slow-simmered in a gravy made of onion and tomatoes. The spicy, thick and creamy meat gravy is a classic one.

The aromatic CHICKEN BIRYANI is no wonder another delight in the spread.

A taste of la dolce vita, by indulging into some ultimate Italian flair from the signature Italian restaurant La Cucina graces the brunch.

Stuffed cheesy masala dal khichdi balls - ARANCINI coated with bread crumbs and deep-fried, served with MARINARA SAUCE (tomato base with herbs) is so comforting and unique in taste.

Chef Biswajit Biswas presented his special quintessential dish - JUICY PAN FRIED CHICKEN TOSSED IN AGLIO OLIO. Chicken strips sauteed in garlic, chilli flakes, classic olive oil, a dash of pesto, packed with an amazingly garlicky flavour.

With Wok on fire around and packed with protein, the adorable TANGRA STYLE CHILLI CHICKEN comes with great taste. The hot, spicy mildly sweet indulgence of the garlic is highly addictive.

Now, its time to dig spoon for some of the most indulgent desserts.

The flourless orange sponge ALMOND CAKE with cheese cream frosting is irresistible.

The traditional old school style dark gooey CHOCOLATE BROWNIE is always joyous to the palate.

Now comes the sinful BlUEBERRY CHEESECAKE. The creamy texture with its sweet but cheesy and tangy taste of the local flavours makes this a timeless classic. Served with blueberry compote on the top.

Finally, surprise your buds with the scoops of two heavenly flavoured ice cream that will drive you crazy - MIXED BERRY ICE CREAM and MOCHA ICE CREAM. Its a sheer love.