This Nature Park Is All You Need If You Are A Wildlife Enthusiast And Love Tigers

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What Makes It Awesome

Your love for the cat family can take you to beautiful places. One of them is the lesser-known South Khayerbari Nature Park.

This nature park is known for being a Royal Bengal Tiger and Leopard rescue centre. That is why this place can be one of the best places to spot tigers and leopards from up close. Nature is literally crawling into your space, and you will like it quite a lot. With small cottages facing the Buri Torsha river, it can be one of the most soothing yet adventurous experiences to stay there. There are three forest cottages maintained by the West Bengal Forest Department Corporation.

There are five units for you to explore. Each unit has three cells with the rescued felines. There's your definite chance to get a good close-up shot of tigers, especially for aspiring and professional wildlife photographers. You will get a tour of the park in the battery-operated vehicles plying on the premises. Once that is done, hop onto a jungle safari of Jaldapara National Park, because the distance between the two is only 15km. And if you want even more relaxation, boating on the Torsha river is a favourite tourist activity there.

In case you're going by train, Hasimara is the closest railway station (12km) to Khayerbari. For airways, you have to land at Bagdogram, which is approximately 160km from the park. If you like your drives along the valleys and serpentine hill station roads, rent a car and travel to Khayerbari for this three-hour drive.


One good thing that you're going to like about this park, is that, it isn't closed during monsoons.