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Spend A Day Exploring The Largest Masjid In Kolkata, Inspired By Akbar's Tomb In Sikandra

    Barabazar, Kolkata


    Spend a lazy Sunday exploring Nakhoda Masjid, one of the oldest mosques in these parts {with a doorway built along the lines of Buland Darwaza in Fatehpur Sikri}. Bonus? Finish off the walk with delicious kebabs and chai from Zakaria Street.

    What Is It?

    Built in 1926, Nakhoda Masjid is a large, beautiful Masjid that stands at the center of Zakaria Street in North Kolkata. The main funder of the structure was a shipping prince and hence it was named Nakhoda, or ‘mariner’. This is the largest masjid in Kolkata. Its architecture is inspired by Akbar’s tomb in Sikandra.

    Why Should I Go?

    Nakhoda is a piece of history you wouldn’t want to miss, an architectural marvel that should be added to your bucket list immediately.

    Its gateway was built as a replica of the Buland Darwaza in Fatehpur Sikri. Several granite stones were brought in for its construction from Tolepur. Inside you’ll find red rock paving the way to a small fountain where people wash their hands after praying.

    The stairs lead to beautiful {albeit restricted entry} terraces. One however has access to the prayer halls and the main terrace. The halls are beautifully tiled, and the verandahs have a view of all of Zakaria Street. The huge prayer hall can accommodate up to 10,000 people!

    No visit to Nakhoda is complete without a taste of Zakaria Street’s famous mouthwatering kebabs. The stalls offer an endless selection, many of which have been made with secret family recipes.

    Also check out the line of musical shops here and the chai stalls in case you want to sit and relax. This area is also home to the original Aminia, an old, iconic Mughlai eatery which serves  delicious food at cheap prices.

    Anything Else?

    Nakhoda can fit into a day-long plan of touring North Kolkata. A short walk away from Tiretti Bazaar, you can head here after grabbing some of their breakfast. It is open from 6 am to 8 pm on all days of the week. The best time to visit would be on winter afternoons when the place is less crowded.

    So, We're Saying...

    Head down to Nakhoda on cool, pleasant mornings, roam around adjoining Zakaria Street, breathing in the fragrance of a steaming cup of morning chai from one of the many stalls here.

      Barabazar, Kolkata