Spiffy Bottles To Rad Lamps: We're Going Bananas At This Store's Pop Cult Collection

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What Makes It Awesome

Acropolis Mall has a hidden treasure chest, and all you pop cult nerds would agree with us once you step into Fondu Basket. Yep, the name itself! It's not a stretch to say every popular trend has melted into the fondue basket of a store that this one is.

We couldn't stop chanting 'so kawaii', 'so rad' because every shelf had something to bowl us over. Comic and cartoon inspired water bottles (real uncommon ones like Shawn The Sheep and Patrick Star!) to cool metal flasks with pop cult logos like those of Starbucks and Coke, we didn't hesitate to load our bags with a few of them. The small very kawaii coloured aluminium mugs are a looker too!

Have a mushy corny nerve in you? You'll love the coffee/water flasks with lyrics on them. There are also faux chalkboard wall hangings that can give you the much needed boost that you need every once in a while.

The other thing that got us completely stoked were the rechargeable LED lamps that came in interesting cartoon bodies like Peppa Pig and Spiderman! The light isn't too harsh and some of them even has a small fan attached to it!

Wanna rub some mockery at a few lame duck's face? Pick up the super funny and insanely awesome bags that sport some epic spell errors to flaunt (we found 'your charming figure' there!).

Another reason to hit here is to pick up your party essentials. Balloons to sashes and other decorations, their extensive collection kept us reeling for good. You'll also find totes awesome blingy stationery and cool notepads to stock up on.

The balloon sets strat at INR 299, the flasks at INR 400, bottles at INR 499, lamps at INR 650, speakers at INR 1,000 and more.


Oh, remember to check out their bluetooth speaker and karaoke mic collection. We found boss dog faced speakers and funky pink-coloured mics tat can completely turn your house party into an epic one!