We Love This Brand's Range Of Stunning Bed And Bathroom Furnishings

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Spread Spain

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What Makes It Awesome

We stumbled upon this brand on Facebook and immediately fell in love with their range of bed and bathroom furnishings. 

Spread Home stocks bedsheets, quilts, cotton dohars, cushions, pillows, towels and bath mats as well as accessories like laundry baskets, umbrellas, trolleys and dustbins. And mind you, these are not your regular pillows and quilts. Find stuff like micro fibre duvets and pillows, tencel, aloe vera gel coated quilts, air cotton towels, and high count sheets to name a few.

We loved their range of bamboo towels - they are anti-bacterial, naturally organic and eco-friendly besides being super soft on the skin. They've also got pillows of different kinds as per your physical condition and comfort. From tencel, anti-snore and anti-allergic pillows to doctor recommended pillows for cervical pain and lavender and bamboo orthopaedic ones, Spread Home has it all.

They've also got bathroom essentials like bath mats, bath rugs, laundry baskets, mats and towels if that's what you're looking for.


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