Neil Gaiman, Marvel Comics Or Books In Bengali: This Popular Bookstore Is A Readers Paradise

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What Makes It Awesome

Are you the kind who never wants to leave a bookstore? We completely relate to your situation. Starmark is one such bookstore where you can spend hours without glancing even once at your watch (or phone for that matter) -- not matter what your age. 

Bookstores are meant to be the El Dorado for bibliophiles and this store's layout is brilliant in terms of segregation of genres. Mystery, classics, romance, biographies, non-fiction -- you name it and they have it.

We absolutely love their Bengali books collection. With old covers recreated in new hard bound formats, you will want to buy them all. The Feluda and Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay collection is enticing to say the least. Then you have the graphic novel section if you are a comic book nerd like us. From DC & Marvel to Indian strips and even mangas, there is an entire section dedicated to comics and we could not have moved from there had we not been in a hurry! Check out Neil Gaiman's Sandman omnibus, which comes for INR 10,000.

Besides books, the place sports a rich collection of toys and action figures. We were absolutely ogling at the Batmobiles, Thors and Supermans, and these are all official merchandise from DC and Marvel. You can also check out Hotwheels and Lego if you want a more constructive set for your child.


Apart from toys and bookstores, Starmark also has a lot of options in stationery, luxury chocolates, perfumes, watches and wallets. You can even by an M&M pack with your book if you feel like!