This Online Shop Has Everything For Left Handed People


The Left hand Shop is the long overdue blessing that every left-handed person deserved, thanks to it's refined collection of day to day necessities curated specially for lefties.

What Makes It Awesome

How many times have you had to stop and re-orient yourself every time you had to use a simple sharpener or a cricket bat? If you're right-handed, maybe never. If you're left-handed, you probably know what we are talking about. The folks at The Left Hand Shop recognised this problem and came up with a brilliant solution. This online store specialises in school stationery specially designed to make it user-friendly for left-handed people. They retail from local and international brands and also sell under their own stuff - MyLeft. One of MyLeft’s popular products is a pouch priced at INR 99 that includes a set of left-handed school stationery like rulers, pencils and a sharpener.

MyLeft also has a handwriting practice workbook for INR 225 that is curated especially for left-handed school children. A left-handed leatherette clipboard comes for INR 295, that has been designed to the posture of a left-handed person. A really handy service, don't you think? They also do cricket gear make and neutral items like playing cards and play dough. The left-handed stationery starts from INR 15 for a left-handed ruler up to INR 295 for MyLeft's leatherette clipboard, and the cricket gear starts from INR 270 for thigh pads and goes up to INR 20,000 for left-handed batting gloves.