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Head To These Stationery Shops In Kolkata For Every Kind Of Budget And Need

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These places stock impossibly cute and affordable stationery and office supplies that will make everyone in college and at work envy your collection.

G.C Laha

Established in 1907, this stationery and art supply store is a common name in every Kolkata household. Here you get a wide variety of pens, from worth almost 20,000, to cheaper microtip Staedtlers that give you flawless lines and curves in ink. This is the oldest stationery store in Kolkata with several sign boards hanging about the store, advertising some big, timeless international companies making the finest stationery for your daily needs.

You get the finest notebooks and paper here, from cheap newsprint for your daily use, to Fabriano for a more sophisticated look. Apart from this, this is a great place to pick up theater paint and art materials as well!

Kumar’s Concern

Located in Gariahat, Kumar’s Concern is the go to place for all artists living in South Kolkata and beyond. Established in 1974, Kumar’s has everything you can ask for. Their beautiful red cover bound notebooks are great for artists and writers alike; although these are not always available. They also have a great range of fountain and Japanese microtip and brush pens. Their Xacto knife, imported from Germany, is the ideal supply for people who need to make fine, precise paper cuts for daily office use.

Art Gallery

Art Gallery is known for its supply of stationery at incredibly low prices, sometimes below the MRP! Located near Sealdah, this is the hub of many art students who spend their mornings at the station practicing live sketches on the platforms. Art Gallery is just one of the stores here, but is more popular among the students. For those picking up daily stationery, Art Gallery offers handmade paper notebooks bound in beautiful textured paper in different colours!


The outlet in South City used to stock a dizzying assortment of art, student and office supplies with shelves packed with diaries, notepads, art papers (some from Italy!), coloured tape, staplers, polka-dot wrapping paper (also notebook covers), thank you notes, gel-tip pens in rainbow of colours and what have you. It used to be our go-to shop for stationery. Now that it has shut down (till the mall gets its act together), you can try the Starmark outlet in Quest Mall for some really great folders and organisers for daily use. Don’t miss out their lovely spiral and leather bound notebooks which come in varied price ranges.

Linc Stores

Linc Stores near the Rashbehari More doesn’t look like an amazing stationery store from the outside, but if you’ve visited this place, you’ll know that it has some great supplies for a place that isn’t quite a Kumar’s or G.C. Laha replica. The shopkeepers are very well-informed and recommend supplies that best suit your daily needs. From Linc pens to high-end watercolour sets, this is a nice place to go if you’re in the vicinity. Don’t forget to check out some of their readily-available heavy-duty notebooks that can easily last you the entire semester.

Lokenath Stores

Jadavpur 8B’s famous Lokenath Stores is a hub for college goers, adults and children alike. A large store, Lokenath is divided into two sections – the first being stationery specifically catering to needs of children and the second is filled with supplies for adults. The walls are full with acrylic paints and brushes. Apart from artists, many designers also stop here to pick up their fabric paints and glue. For those looking to get started on crafts, this place has great supplies. There are some really cute options for kids as well, and a range of stickers to decorate your writing pads with.

William Penn

Located in Quest Mall, William Penn redefines high-end stationery! From prices ranging from INR 900 to over a lakh. They offer an exclusive range of supplies that are made with the finest materials. Their leather-bound notebooks are just the touch of sophistication you need at your writing desk and their pens are gorgeous, sleek and have incredibly innovative designs.


Visit Story for their nice notebooks and notepads, pencils, and pen, lovely metallic biros, neon fountain pens, pretty papers, hand-bound notebooks and a shrine to staplers. We adore the quilled cards – especially the one with the red heart!

Ganguly Paper Centre

This is a treasure trove tucked away on Jamir Lane, Gariahat, close to the Westside showroom. The colorful stack of papers on the display window will pull you in. Choose from a wide range of tools for craft and woodwork, clay modeling, diaries, pens and of course they varieties of paper. They make their own brand of brushes – Ganguly brushes – which are quite well know in the city’s art circles. You can get a discount if you purchase items in bulk.

Itsy Bitsy

Popular art and craft supplies store Itsy Bitsy has a fantastic collection of art and craft essentials. Arm yourself with a glue gun and get packing those art pencils, sketch books, paints, colours and other craft kits here. If quilling takes your interest then pick their quilling board, paper and tweezers. If your expertise lies in sketching then pick sketch pads (from watercolour suitable pads to charcoal and pens), dark charcoal, graphite or white charcoal pencils from here. They are also stocking up on kneadable erasers, foam brushes, gold foil, pastel and charcoal blenders - we could just go on, tbh! So, waste no time and hit Itsy Bitsy to make those wishlist DIY projects come alive.