Looking For Ideas To Keep The Kids Busy? This Box of Surprises Is The Answer


Stressing about how to keep your kids away from TV and smartphones this summer? This amazing subscription box for kids and families offer up activities, imagination and lots of fun!

What Is It?

Kolkata-based startup Playslate has begun a DIY monthly activity subscription box delivered right to your doorstep. They will curate a special box that has been designed specifically for your child’s age and send it to you every month. The activities are designed on the KISS {keep it simple silly} principle so that your child can have fun while learning.

The box includes a famous book and four DIY activities related to that book. The idea is to make your child forget the smartphone and pick up a book instead!

For instance, if the book in the box is The Very Hungry Caterpillar or What the Ladybird Heard, your child has to first read the book in order to successfully solve the four activities related to the book: a learning activity, a craft activity, a game and a creative puzzle. This builds your child’s interest in reading and his confidence in comprehending the text in his own way to solve problems.

Who Is It For?

Playslate has three boxes catering to toddlers and pre-schoolers in the age group of 2 to 6 years old.

How Can I Subscribe?

You can subscribe for Playslate’s monthly plans by contacting them here.  For any queries, call them at 9830060001, or e-mail them — info@playslate.in.

Pocket Pinch:  1 month @ INR 750, 3 months @ INR 650, 6 months @ INR 600,  12 months @ INR 550.