Cushions, Coasters, Trays: This Brand's Designs Are All About Keeping It Minimal

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're looking for accessories for your kitchen, bedroom or living space, we suggest you check out Subtract.

The brand stocks a stunning range of coasters, trays and cushion covers that reflect 'minimalism in design, material and thought'. The geometric designs are an expression of the minimal, everyday aspects of life. There's not a single product or design that we didn't like but we definitely have a few favourites. Each piece tells a story and evokes certain emotions.

Made of anodised aluminium, The Dialogue Series coasters are inspired by typography and emotion, while the Reveal coasters bring together two texturally different materials - felt and stainless steel with a mirror finish - to create a unique, standout piece. We also loved the minimal and modern-looking fruit trays made of aluminium and teak wood that can also be used as wine bottle holders or table top or desk organisers.The cushion covers are made of pure linen and are a unique blend of geometry and warmth.

Prices start at INR 2,200.