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    Make A Plan: Rent The Earth Villa In The Sunderbans For A Long Weekend

    Sayani posted on 29 March

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    When in the lap of nature who wants to get served the same dose of city scape that you have travelled to get away from? So, next time when you visit the mangrove delta of the Sundarbans, ditch the mushrooming jungle of shabby concrete hotels and head to
    Bali Island’s Earth Villa to connect back to mother nature and enjoy an experiential stay of the place.

    What Is It?

    It is an eco resort in Bali Island, one of the islands of the hundred and two {or so} that make up the Sundarbans, the Bali Island
    in the South 24 parganas is a perfect place to enjoy the wilderness while being away from the commercial chaos of Gosaba, the most developed village island in this deltaic region. While the cyclone Aila had left Bali severely impoverished, serious
    rehabilitation work is slowly bringing it back to life. One such project is Help Tourism’s Sundergaon Heritage Earth Villa, an organic tourist resort that intends to protect the fragile ecosystem of the Sundarbans while promoting sustainable tourism.



    Keep It Cool In The Mud House

    When in the village why not stay in a mud house that can offer you all the modern and clean amenities? This two-room resort is built with earth-friendly and locally available natural materials, and carefully designed by well-known architect Bidyut Roy to withstand the havoc of nature and to accommodate modern amenities.

    While the thick clay walls keep the rooms cool and shady like an air-conditioned one {trust us, you won’t miss the AC}, the khaprail {round earthen tiles} roof insulates air to keep it cool in the summers and warm in the winters. Both the rooms
    come with attached bathrooms that boasts of a western toilet, a bath tub and a separate shower area.

    And there’s lots to do here. With the Sundarbans National Park close to the village island of Bali, you could hire trained guides for national park excursions and village walks. Alternately, you could stay indoors and laze around Earth Villa’s leafy courtyard with a long porch or take a stroll down the overlooking lily pond to enjoy the idyllic glory of nature that envelops this place. When in the deltaic region don’t miss out on the chance to gorge on freshwater crustaceans and fish. And the local produce of organic forest honey is a must try and a must buy.

    How Do I Get There?

    Take a train from Sealdah to reach the first stop Canning. From Canning you could either take a bus or a local taxi to reach Godkhali. There onwards is a ferry ride will take you to the village island of Bali.

    Anything Else?

    With two interconnected rooms meant to accommodate no more than six people, you can rent the whole villa for INR 25,000 for three nights. Get more details about bookings and availability here.


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