These Tailors Are Wizards At Altering And Making New Things From Your Old Clothes

    Jodhpur Park, Kolkata


    Got old clothes which you want to recycle but are clueless how to? Let these tailors in Dakshinapan shopping complex help you out (for the most nominal charges ever).

    What Makes It Awesome

    We all have a bunch of old clothes that we don’t feel like wearing anymore, right? But before you throw them away, what if we told you that you can jazz up all your old clothes for just twenty or thirty bucks? Yes, we are not kidding! This line of tailors who sit inside  Dakshinapan Complex (in Dhakuria) are famous for jazzing up both old and new clothes, and there’s almost nothing they can’t do. Want to get a pair of old denim ripped or cut into shorts or capris? Want to get your skirt hemmed? Or kurtis altered to fit you better? Check. Try out some kitschy embroidery done on a boring shirt, or even bags made out of old curtains and the likes. You give them the craziest of ideas and they will do it for you, and that too for as low as INR 30. Jazzing up old clothes cannot get cheaper than this. They will chip in with their suggestions when you give them something to alter. If they feel that a certain alteration might ruin the fabric, they will find innovative ways to work around it. They take anywhere between 15 minutes to a few hours (depending on how many clothes you give them or how many customers they are attending to). Fast, right?

    Not just alterations, but they are also known for tailoring great things out of fabric or dress material. You can get designer blouses, kurtis, dresses and tunics made here. Since they are experts at alterations and fittings, be rest assured that the clothes they tailor for you will be fitted to perfection. They charge about INR 400 for tailoriing and take a maximum of four days to get it ready. They open at 11.30 AM and close at 8 PM, so it’s best if you go in the morning when there are not many customers in line. They stay closed on Sundays.


    Finding them can be tricky. Enter the complex through the main front gate, keep the Biswa Bangla store to your right and keep walking straight. When you see the Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan to your right, stop and enter the narrow lane just hugging the store. That’s where you’ll find around ten independent tailors stitching away on their machines.
      Jodhpur Park, Kolkata