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Calling All Hoomans: Take Your Doggos To This Pawsome Pool Party

Editors posted on 12 March


Does your beloved pet deserve a special treat ? Are they recovering from an injury or surgery or trying to lose a bit of weight? Perhaps they are slowing down from old age? Any of these are great reasons to come for a swim at this doggo pool party!

What Is It?

Kashika’s Pampered Paws has opened an aqua gym and a swimming pool for pets in Kolkata. The aquatic center {only for dogs, by the way} specialises in swimming, fitness and injury recovery.  They offer a support system for overall fitness — apart from focus and specialty on water-work, they also have vast resources for optimal canine health.

Tell Me More

Evidence of the many health benefits of warm water therapy is growing. Kanishka’s mission is to provide a professional, safe and dog-friendly environment with services catered toward your dog’s need for optimal wellness. Whether the goal for your beloved pet is to maintain optimal physical and psychological health, manage body condition or help prevent injuries or recover post surgically, this water exercise programme will help.

A perfectly healthy and fit dog will benefit from regular swimming. The energy he expends with one minute in the water is equal to the energy spent with four minutes of running, as he has to work harder to keep moving in the water than he does on land. Respiratory, cardio-vascular and muscle systems all benefit from this workout, and it avoids putting heavy pressure on his joints.

Here are more reasons to sign up your doggo. The no-impact aspect makes swimming an ideal option for a dog before and after orthopedic surgery. Muscle strengthening around the injury is essential and the weightless movement of swimming won’t exacerbate the problem. After the surgery and adequate recovery time, a dog can work on improving circulation, strengthening the muscle and joint mobility through swimming, without endangering the surgical repairs. The non-concussive movement of swimming improves the metabolism and burns calories without straining the dog’s body.

What’s Kanishka’s? Think of them as a wellness center for your dog’s body, mind and spirit. Read more about them here.

Anything Else?

They will be hosting the event regularly. The first one is happening in April near Kasba, Bosepukur. Call 9038043590 for more details.

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What: Pool Party For Pets.

Where: Community park beside Neelachal Abashan, Near Country Club, Kasba.

So, We're Saying...

Take your doggo to the pool and make him a happy swim star!

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