Calling All Men! Shop For Stylish, Comfortable Formal Shirts From This Brand


    What Makes It Awesome

    This one is for all you men out there! If you're looking for formal shirts, we have something for you. 

    That Corner Store is where you need to be if you're looking for formal shirts. These are basic shirts that you can wear to work every day - nothing fancy or over-the-top. Find shirts in solid colours as well as basic designs like textures, lines and stripes. Our favourite picks? The Even Steven multi-panel asymmetrical shirt with diagonal stripes, nifty chevron detail on the collar and curved cuffs is an ideal business causal.

    We also loved this black and white cross patterned shirt with black piping on the yoke, cuff and the inside of the bottom along with a bold double collar - perfect for work meetings. For a slightly more royal and sophisticated look, we would suggest the Aristocratic Mien shirt in navy blue dobby fabric with a royal blue piping across the collar, cuff edge and an inverted T on the back yoke.

    Prices start at INR 1,999.


    Shop for all of these formal shirts only on LBB! Awesome, right?