This Brand Makes The Cutest Customised Merch Be It Lapel Pins, Necklaces, Ties Or Mugs

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What Makes It Awesome

Done with the ordinary and want to switch to unique and custom-made? Hit up The Emphasize Store on Facebook or Instagram, and make sure people remember you for your on-point gifting. Founded by Bhavna Jhinghan, this online store is all about chic accessories and customised gifting for everything from an anniversary, a new baby, wedding, or just if you’re very into giving personalised merch to your crew. 

We’re currently tripping on the classy designs this brand has created for The Tollygunge Club, to celebrate 125 years of existence. From lapel pins with playing card suits on them to cloth patches with the club logo, you’ll want to wear these with pride. But it’s not all formal with The Emphasize Store! There’s plenty of fun stuff in the form of  the red rose and rugby ball for the English Rugby team, cufflinks for the horse polo enthusiast with mallets, or just customised name pendants. 

Of course, you can start the entire customisation process carte blanche, and bounce your thoughts off Bhavna. She’ll add in her own creativity before you arrive on something that works for you. We love that they do jewellery, scarves and even name boxes. Oh! You can also get adorable stationery be it book marks, letterheads and notepads that are perfect to either stamp your authority on your own space at office, or to give friends. Lads, got a reunion or yaar ki shaadi coming up, check out their amazing tie-cufflink sets that will have you all looking dapper. Or make the kids suit up too, and twin with your little ones. 

Most of the cloth products are available in silk, woven silk or polyester while the metal stuff is cold, silver or brass. 

All you HR personnel, reading this...enough of those pens! Give us ties, and scarves, y’all!