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Want To Make Pretend Play With Your Kids Magical? Check This Out!


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    What Makes It Awesome

    Your toddler probably has a favourite toy that they refuse to part with. Or they have conjured up an imaginary friend that they talk about often. If this kind of behaviour worries you a bit, you probably should know that experts believe imaginary friends are a symptom of developing social intelligence in a kid. Yep, nothing wrong with your little one dreaming up an octopus as their companion after seeing tentacle-like shadows dance across their bedroom wall one night. Sign of a healthy imagination.

    To help encourage your bub’s wild imagination The Enchanted Door has come up with a beautiful concept. Use an empty wall or shelf in your child’s room to paste a miniature wooden door (with double sided tape - included in the box) from the brand’s Fairy Starter Kit. Now weave a story around it of an imaginary fairy friend who lives behind the door. Make it believable using the elements provided in the set. Think ‘magic dust’, a tiny key, a spell and little notes from the fairy. You can even use your child’s other favourite toys for pretend play outside the door. 

    The idea is to use the door and its story to help your child pick up skills and life lessons in a fun imaginative way. Get the fairy to help you teach daily activities they are usually fussy about like brushing or bedtime routine, as well as manners like speaking politely or how to use thank you and sorry.

    What Could Be Better

    How about a dragon kit or a friendly monster kit? We would love to have more options to play with!


    This kind of pretend play isn’t just beneficial for the child alone but for you as a parent as well. If you are always wondering what’s going on inside those little heads, here’s your chance to find out. A lot of what they are thinking, from fictional characters to real experiences often trickle into pretend play. The Enchanted Door might just help you to look beyond and into the colourful world of a child and understand them better.