The Fatty Bao Kolkata Floats Serves The Best Asian Comfort Food

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Drenching in the downpour of every Monsoon, floating the paper boats gently down the stream, splashing the puddles, the sun playing hide and seek through the clouds evokes nostalgia, taking me back to my childhood memories. Take the shelter from the downpour, grabbing a window seat watching the rain trickle down the windowpane that opens to the panoramic view of the city at Fatty Bao Kolkata to ‘float your boat’ this monsoon amidst its beautiful interiors and say cheers to the monsoon after the scorching heat of summer. There's nothing like slurping into a piping hot big comforting bowl of scrumptious Ramen or Soupy Noodle dunked in the aromatic broth spiked with a dash of chilli oil, generously garnished with meat and crunchy veggies not only warm your soul but acts as a key with the right food balance to beat gloomy monsoon blues. The decor - Love the décor. So mesmerizing and radiant. An explosion of colours with a lovely modern chic style decor filled with art form inspired by South-East Asian culture. The crafted Japanese style lanterns representing the ancient architectural traditions of Japanese history gives an authentic look and feel that captures the attention of every guest. The table setting starting from the plates, chopsticks, glasses, salt and pepper shakers enhances the appearance of the food. The elegantly decorated eatery boasts a magnificent view of the city skyline from 8th floor with Victoria Memorial that offers a brilliant magical change of view with the sun-kissed afternoon that pours through the large panelled glasses during the day giving a vibe of freshness feels all around, while Japanese lanterns bring the perfect ambient lighting during the evening. Your favourite Asian food dining cum bar - The Fatty Bao Kolkata brings an extravagant spread of soulful monsoon favourites specially curated by Chef Sumit Choudhary starting from interesting steaming dim sums, crisp spicy fried appetisers, ramens and soupy noodles to ooey-gooey dessert. IN FRAME - Artichoke & Asparagus Wontons - Filled with red cabbage, celery and homemade Guilin chilli sauce. A healthy option. Spicy Sea Bass Dumplings - Filled with fresh sea bass, coriander, basil mixed with burnt truffle butter sauce wrapped in the carrot-based dumpling. A great twist with a truffle butter sauce with its comforting flavour bring its freshness and texture to the filling. Fried Prawn and Garlic Roll - Crusty delicious spring roll filled with minced prawn, fried prawn, chives wrapped with nori sheet battered and deep-fried. Butternut, Squash and Tofu Ramen Bowl - This delicious vegetarian ramen bowl packed with great flavours and sweet tinge. Thick squash curry broth stock simmered with coconut milk, spicy squash cubes, shitake, snow peas and fried nori. Hot Katsu Pork Ramen Bowl - Rich, delicious steaming bowl with homemade hot bird's eye chilli broth with fresh noodles, soft boiled egg & crispy crumb fried pork, bamboo shoot pickle, smoked corn, seven spiced powder that offers a creamy, silky texture and full of meat flavour. Ultimate comfort food to satisfy all of your ramen cravings. Choco Caramel Dessert - The mouth-watering dessert with 2 heavenly combinations of creamy chocolate and gooey caramel, served with delightful ice cream.

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    Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids