This New Sarat Bose Road Restobar Is Our Latest Weekend Kickstart

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There's a new eatery on Sarat Bose Road and we think it's the perfect place for you to hit for your next dinner plan. 

What Makes It Awesome

Where Rozario's by Kurry Klub used to be, the newest Lansdowne Cafe is sitting now and we the 360 degree change the place has gotten. Bright, large and comfy, the Lansdowne Cafe is perfect for your next dine out. The decor is simple - brick walls, wooden furniture, one huge projector screen and a small bar. Although our hearts were given to the wall-sized glass window overlooking the main road. The space is small but very well done, enough to not make you feel congested. This place is the perfect combination of simple and contemporary. 

The restobar is about a month old and hasn't completely opened yet. They promise us that alcohol won't be a no-no for long in their space. The menu lists Chinese, Continental and Indian dishes. The food is homey and simple, but the quick and friendly service definitely adds another star to the rating. 

The best part is that on Fridays and Saturdays, they host karaoke sessions. You can request your song - Hindi, English or Bengali and have your Indian Idol moment. There is no entry fee or additional charges for the karaoke, so grab your gang, and make a plan - the mic awaits you. 

What Could Be Better

We were expecting more variety on the menu card. Also multi-cuisine most of the time means the food is generic.


The bar isn't operational just yet, but they will be serving alcohol soon.