Our Favourite Brit-Style Pub Has Launched A Breakfast Menu And It's Regal

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What Makes It Awesome

Kolkata's favourite Brit-style tavern (we are talking about The Lords & Barons, in case you didn't get the cue) has now come up with a breakfast menu. We obviously went and checked it out.

The Lords and Barons' breakfast menu has been introduced keeping in mind the city's obsession with Park Street and English breakfast. Dive headfirst with the Big English breakfast platter (it is quite big!) that's got sausages (pork/chicken), crispy bacon strips, fluffy omelette, baked beans, toast, poached eggs, hash browns, sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomato, a small bowl of fruit salad and and a glass of juice (orange or cranberry). Trust us when we say this, but this might be a little too much for one person, and sharing it with someone is a better idea.

Want something lighter and suitable for one person? We suggest you choose from the American breakfast platter (consists of fried eggs, grilled chicken/pork sausage, crispy bacon, potato hash brown, two slices of toasts, fruit juice and tea or coffee), healthy breakfast platter and continental breakfast platter. Egg lovers should definitely not miss the Eggs Benedict, which comes with poached eggs, char grilled ham and arugula. The gooeyness of the hollandaise sauce and softness of the muffin blew our minds away.

End the meal with nothing but fluffy pancakes served with mixed fruit compote, soft butter and maple syrup topped with whipped cream. We were filled to the brim and almost went the entire day without eating anything!


The breakfast is only being served on the upper flloor, which is the tavern area, from 7am-11am.