Get Embroidered Hoops & Hand-Painted Plaques From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

One of the many good things to come out of the lockdown period was the revival of an age-old art, embroidery. In fact Google Trends revealed hoop embroidery as a top search worldwide among other lockdown preoccupations in 2020. Not just embroidery, everything handmade, handcrafted and hand-painted is back in vogue and how! The Ombre Studio is one such store where you can get your paws on some beautifully handmade wall decor and gifting options.

The easiest way to add personality to your space is by incorporating decor that does all the talking for you. Get The Ombre Studio to customize a hoop for that reading nook - a girl in a hammock reading her favourite book surrounded by plants. Or for that space in your casa where you display all your travel souvenirs - a person with a backpack on a trekking trail with your favourite travel quote. They even have simple floral hoops with hand-painted letters. These make for awesome gifts too. If not hoops, you can try out the colourful cloth banners they do with words or quotes that you identify with. I also love the wall plaques they make. Hand-painted, homely, and with a dash of whimsy, these plaques will add a pop of quirk and colour to your space. Like the This Is Us - Memories Wall Plaque, that comes with a little string at the bottom and multi-coloured clips to display your most fondest memories.


Looking for housewarming gifts? The Ombre Studio also does decorative wall plates, hand-painted kulhads, pressed flower frames and framed artworks.