Manga, Graphic Novels To Adult Join-The-Dot Books: We Are Geeking Out In Full Form At This Bookstore


    Whether your bookshelf looks like a shrine to Stan Lee or you have just dipped your toes into comic book and graphic novel geekery for the first time, The Story Teller book store is where you should go for a loot.

    What Makes It Awesome

    From the iconic Boi Para to the sprawling glamorous book store chains - Kolkata has never been shy to show off its nerdiness. But only a true nerd who geeks out on comic books and graphic novels would know how difficult it is to lay your hands on these in the city. All such folks, you'll find your paradise in The Story Teller bookstore at Picnic Garden.

    Head is up in the multiverse of Dragon Ball or if you still can't get enough of Amar Chitrakatha's stories from India's ancient past - The Story Teller has a collection that will make you lose sense of time and space. Original DC and Marvel comic series, Tinkle's Suppandi, Karadi Tales, and even graphic novels (like the recent and acclaimed adaptation of Anne Frank's Diary by Ari Folman), there's something for every comic and graphic novel fan to be stoked about. Don't worry about bombing your savings because unlike the hardbound collector's edition comics that are available elsewhere, paperbacks make for most of their collection.

    Serious manga heads don't flounder around the city or go traipsing around the internet to find your copy of Naruto any more because they also have an insane collection of some of the most popular mangas. Think Dragon Ball, Ultraman, One Punch Man, Pokemon and more - enough for you to return home a few kg heavy than you left.

    None of the awkward and almost sterile atmosphere of bookstore chains, this indie store gives off a relaxing and familiar vibe with its niche collection and non-intrusive space. Moving beyond the usual servings of classics and recent reads of fiction and non-fiction, their collection also boasts of painting, colouring, sticker, pattern and join-the-dot books for adults, which we totally dig to relax in our free time. Best of all prices start as low as INR 200!


    Art fanatics look out for their amazing collection of calligraphy, fashion and indigenous art books and the amazing art kits. Pet lovers bring your pets along and also go snuggle resident doggo JD.