This New Coffee Shop Just Opened & It Has Major Central Perk Vibes

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Love lazy café’s with great coffee and free wi-fi? Zee’s Coffee Shop is going to become our fav spot to hang out and work.

Covfefe < Coffee

It’s all about the coffee here at Zee’s Coffee Shop – LBB gives you all the details you need before the 13-seater coffee shop officially opens {and can we tell you, we’re already in love!}. Run by owner, coffee-lover and constant-smiler Zareen who also happens to have a degree {yes, a degree from Le Cordon Bleu} in being a barista, Zee’s Coffee Shop promises to bring to us all the wonderful-ness of everything we love from Central Perk from Friends.

The café is going to be all about the coffee – you’ll get all your staples {cappuccinos, lattes and americanos} along with a couple of fun flavours like Hazelnut and Caramel. A cup of coffee would set you back approximately INR 75-100.

Everyday Something Special

Even though the focus is going to be on the coffee, you can get a couple of munchies to go with your cuppa. Their quiches are legendary, as are their cupcakes. Expect a new special every day – there may be their signature Boston Cream Cupcakes or a winter-y Apple Crumble – they’re planning on surprising us with something new every day.

It’s All About The Natural Light

Our favourite thing about the coffee shop is the giant glass windows overlooking the residential street of Mayfair Road. There are tables pressed against the windows so you can enjoy your hot cuppa while bathing in the winter sun and watching passers-by stroll along.

The tiny café has minimalist décor and tasteful art {the property was earlier an art gallery}. We love the black and white logo, smattering of Pinterest-y plants, wooden tables, and everything about the interiors. The coffee shop will offer freshly brewed coffee, free wi-fi, work stations next to power points and tasteful music in the background. If you need to get out of the office for a couple of hours but still need to get some work done or you want to catch up on some reading, this will be the coffee shop to hit.

Anything Else?

They’re also planning on having a small vinyl library which will store hundreds of vinyls. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it works out!

Zee’s Coffee Shop will only be open in the latter half of the day {probably from around 4 pm till midnight}.


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