Pocket-Friendly: Cafe Drifter Near Triangular Park Is Where You Need To Be If You're A Foodie

    Hindusthan Park, Kolkata

    What Makes It Awesome

    This was an incidental find, almost. I decided to try Cafe Drifter when I came across a friend who went there and loved it. I never regretted taking the effort to find this place as it has got to be one of the best cafes in the city of joy. The decor is oh-so-pretty with an entire wall dedicated to little pictures which have been clicked by various people. The seating is pretty unique and there is a ledge which runs alongside one continuous glass window. The ledge is decorated with cute little things like an old compass, wooden showpieces, watch glasses, and even a sundial! There are seating {stools} alongside this ledge and one can look outside through the glass windows and see people passing by. There is also seating indoors with books perched on a cute little bookcase. Outdoor seating is also available. The seating arrangement despite all this is pretty limited though. Now, about the food. The quantity is huge while the price is dirt cheap. Almost everything costs under INR 250. The waiters here are always ready to help you with their recommendations. The pies are a must-try at this outlet. Their sandwiches are nice and so are their burgers.Plus, their food comes with an innovative garnishing. The desserts here are every foodie's delight. Just rightly made with the perfect spongy texture, their mango parfait is an experience worth having. The baked crab is every seafood lover's dream, which is cooked to perfection. Two people could have a sumptuous meal here for as less as INR 600! {Be prepared to have a foodgasm!}

    What's My Pro Tip?

    It gets crowded really fast, so you might just want to make a reservation in case you're planning to visit during their peak hours {4 pm - 7 pm}.

    Anything Else?

    Their prices were tax inclusive before the GST. So you only pay exactly the price of the items on the menu. This was certainly an added perk!
      Hindusthan Park, Kolkata