Oink Oink: This Restaurant Near College Street Is A Heaven For Pork Lovers

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What Did I Like?

Gunjan is a small Chinese roadside eatery near College Street. The food is too good and comes at an extremely affordable rate. The mixed hakka noodles came in good quantity {enough for two} with generous portions of egg, chicken, prawn and pork. It tasted really nice, to be honest.

The roast chilly pork had juicy pork meat tossed with chillies, onions and bell peppers. The meat was tender, and the quantity {half plate} was definitely impressive. The hot garlic pork had large chunks of pork in a mild spicy gravy. The gravy tasted out of the world. The quantity of this dish was equally good, considering it to be a half plate.

What Could Be Better?

The seating space can be increased, considering there are only 10 seats available as of now. Also, they can start with home delivery services!

What's My Pro Tip?

Try the pork dishes, especially the roast chilly pork and hot garlic pork, which are my favourites. Being a pork lover, I never tried any other meat here, but the chicken dishes are assumed to be equally good.

Anything Else?

This isn't on the main road. So make sure to use the GPS to navigate.