Birthday Parties Or Rejuvenate With The Girls: This Pretty Cafe-Themed Salon Is Winning Over Our Hearts

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Hours of pampering is right up in our alley, though the sidekick of boredom is something that we struggle with. Not any more because we are heading over to the recently launched Tiffany Nail & Beauty Salon for a relaxing time with our girls.

What Makes It Awesome

Tiffany Nail & Beauty Salon has torn up the rule book with their charmingly pretty cafe-themed salon that recently opened its doors. You've guessed it right - the salon is done up in Tiffany's iconic mint teal colours, with warm beige and baby pink complementing it. The funky colourful flamingos and the wall plates sporting Audrey Hepburn make it a photogenic spot that gives off the informal cafe vibe.

Get your nails done in their nail bar with with extensions, art and gel colours or have the essential weekly girl talk done while pampering those overworked feet with a bomb or crystal pedicure. Open pores or spots, whatever has been bothering you and the girls can be sorted by their special mask-facials by Casmara (the only other kind they have is of Ozone's). Treatment for your tresses, manicures, makeup, or going Brazillian down south - everything's on the list along with a cuppa coffee, green tea and cookies.

It's never to early to be fashion forward, and if your little missy has her birthday coming up, you can skip the usual and host a party in this salon. Cake will of course be there, but instead of the sugar-laden treats Tiffany will make it sweet with 5 services to guests (nails, hairdressing, foot spa and more!). 

What Could Be Better

Oh, how we would have loved if they had body spas or massages, but we're not complaining. The minty cool pedicure and mask 


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