Weekend Getaway: Travel Within West Bengal, Siliguri to Lolegaon


What Makes It Awesome

I was there during the first week of January for a couple of days and it was an amazing experience. The temperature was about 7 to 10°C during the day and dropped to about 2 to -3° at night, the place is rich in culture, and the people are welcoming and super friendly. It took us about a day to explore this place and there was nothing like it.

What Could Be Better?

Nothing comes to my mind as such, but do go well prepared with winter clothes. Oh, and the town lacks sweets from what I hear, so if you have a sweet tooth then take a small dabba of happiness {sweets, how it is different anyway?} with you.

What's My Pro Tip?

Discuss with the driver where exactly you would like to go. Drop by St. Stephen's Academy, Loleygaon Kaffer, the view from the college is breathtaking all day every day. Inquire and figure out the schedule of cars going to and coming from the city.

Anything Else?

I had gone there from Siliguri and decided to take a detour to Kalimpong.Traveling to and from the place could be problematic if not figured out in advance, keep that in mind and get, set, explore!