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    Rock climbing is a full-body workout that revolves around socialising and problem-solving, and it’s so fun that you won’t even realise you’re getting ripped in the process. Get in shape and learn the ropes with these outdoor (and indoor) rock climbing sessions.

    Canning Mountaineering Club

    The main motive of this mountaineering club is to inculcate leadership qualities in people. They have been promoting trekking, mountain climbing and other adventure sports since 1996. They hold rock climbing courses at Susunia Hills in Bankura district where you will be trained in rappelling, rigging, traversing and more. 

    Himalaya’s Beckon

    Founded in 1979, Himalaya’s Beckon organises adventure courses for 10 to 14 year old kids and rock climbing courses for people who are between 14 and 52. Monkey crawling, chimney climbing, rappelling — they teach almost everything related to mountaineering to trainees. 

    Mountaineers’ Association of Krishnanagar

    They’ve been teaching high altitude trekking and rock climbing courses since 1986, and also conduct adventure courses for kids.Their trainers feel that it is very important for a particular person to understand the value of nature or else they won’t be able to love and appreciate the mountains. 

    South Calcutta Trekkers Association

    South Calcutta Trekkers Association was registered in 1984 and today it has become one of the most popular adventure groups of Kolkata. They conduct their rock climbing courses every winter which mainly take place at Susunia and Mathaburu Hills. They say that there are quite a few stages of mountaineering, but they concentrate on rock craft which includes free, long pitch, lead, aided and bouldering climbing. 

    Rush Fitness

    Did you know that Kolkata has an indoor rock climbing wall? Rush Fitness introduced the artificial set up back in 2015 at their Alipore branch. You can definitely go for this if you do not like lifting weights at the gym. It strengthens your back and improves the coordination of your hands and your legs. Safety ropes connect you to the trainers, so don’t fret about nasty falls. You can practice on the artificial rock if you have the monthly or the yearly membership. They charge INR 500 per day if someone just wants to go for the artificial rock climbing.