Having Trouble Training Your Pet? These Trainers Will Help You Out

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Got a new puppy and need some pointers for raising the pooch right? Or do you want them to pick up the right toilet skills? These dog trainers in Kolkata can help.

Jayashree Dog Training Academy

Jayashree Dog Training Academy

Kalighat, Kolkata

Jayashree Ram Mohan is one of Kolkata’s handful of female dog trainers. From all-important toilet training to correctional behaviour training for unruly dogs with behavioural issues, she does it all.

Where: 81, Southern Ave, Lake Market, Kalighat, Kolkata – 700029.

Contact: Call 9748810570 or email jayashreedogtrainer@gmail.com.

You can also check out her website here and follow her Facebook page here.

Doggy Pathshala

Doggy Pathshala

Manick Tala, Kolkata

This institute provides dog training, behavioural corrections, anger/agility management and nutrition training at a very reasonable rate. Rudro Mukherji provides consultation through audio-visual methods and fixes behavioural issues mainly with positive reinforcement.

You can check out their blog here and follow them on Facebook here.

Subrata Dog Training Centre

Subrata Dog Training

Along with obedience training, this centre will also play with your furry friend, and look after them and even engage in photo shoots with them! Apart from training services, they also
provide crèche facilities. They have many videos on their social media, so don’t forget to check them out for more details.

Follow them on Facebook here.