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Stuck At Home? Clean Your Wardrobe And Get Rewarded For It By This Online Store

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Stuck at home because of the coronavirus outbreak? Clean your wardrobe and be rewarded for it! 

    Twirl, a Kolkata-based online shop, offers you a simple and convenient way to sell clothes that you don't wear anymore to them and earn Twirl points in return that can be used to buy new clothes from their store. They upscale and resell the clothes bought from you, thereby promoting sustainable fashion or give those to people in need. 

    Twirl's online collection is trendy Indo-Western clothing and accessories, mostly created through upcycling. What's more? They also offer a distinctive buy-back policy for all clothing bought from their store. Allowing you to buy, wear, enjoy and then return Twirl clothing back to them, when you no longer want to repeat the same clothes. Sustainable all the way!

    Twirl is also encouraging people to donate unwanted clothes in return for Twirl points, especially during the holiday season, which they distribute to those in need. So take to that long due task of clearing the clutter. It will ease the stress, earn you Twirl points, save the environment and help people in need. 

    Pro Tip

    Check out Twirl's collection of upcycled denim laptop bags and slings and thank us later!
      Available Online