Have You Visited The Only Vegan Cafe In Kolkata Yet? If Not, Drop In Today!

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What Makes It Awesome

We've usually seen vegan options available at a few restaurants but now, Kolkata is home to its first vegan cafe! Not just that, it's also got a living space as well as space for workshops, meet-ups and events. 

Founded by two environment activists, Ubuntu Community Eat.Live.Share is the city's first 100 per cent vegan cafe located inside a narrow lane off Dhakuria. The unique furniture is the first thing that'll catch your attention as soon as you enter the space. Credit goes to the wonderful Wonders of Waste that made chairs and tables out of old, discarded wood, car seats and the like. The wall and shelves are also decorated with artwork as well as donated, recycled and upcycled stuff like cardboard boxes holding plants, bottles, books among other things. 

We tried the food and absolutely loved it! They've got Sahi Vada (dahi vada, silly! But made the right way - cruelty-free and vegan) made with peanut milk. The buns of their mini burgers are made using beetroot and spinach with a soya and a wheat patty between served with their in-house dip. The mock meats are made of soya. From healthy smoothie bowls and black coffee to burgers, home-baked pizza, pasta, the traditional kosha mangsho and desserts (think brownies with ice-cream!), Ubuntu offers it all. Best part? No tissue papers and no paper bills. 

Need a place to stay? Book a place at their hostel just above the cafe. Need to host a meet-up or a workshop? The top floor is open to all kinds of events as long as its ethical and eco-friendly.


Ubuntu means 'I am because we are'. It's more of a vegan, eco-friendly community that believes in engaging with people to build an environment-friendly and conscious society. If you happen to stay here or attend workshops, there are certain rules in place (for instance, plastic is not allowed). Respect the space and the idea behind it even if you don't agree with it.