Make A Mini Garden In Your Balcony Or Backyard With Plants From This Boutique


    What Makes It Awesome

    The city's pollution and chaos sure feels like too much to deal with sometimes, which is why we'd recommend you buy potted plants for your home from Udvid Plant Boutique, a one-of-a-kind plant boutique that nurtures aesthetically designed planters. Owned by Lily Mitra, a retired science teacher-turned-entrepreneur, Udvid stocks handcrafted potted plants (mostly) that can easily grow in your living room or window sils in low light and minimal space. 

    Lily grows her babies in not just the regular porcelain and terracotta pots but also in wooden logs, bamboo structures, seashells, pine cones, discarded objects and on wireframes of bicycles as well! Choose from a variety of terrariums, ornamental plants (ferns, crotons, coleus, begonia, euphorbia, creepers, succulents), pot plants, indoor plants, exclusive flowering plants and bonsai among others. She also travels to rural areas to collect different kinds of plants and planters.

    If you've always dreamed of having a mini garden or a dash of green in your house, then this is where you should get your plants from because Lily curates them in a way that'll suit your urban home and will also customise as per your liking. We absolutely loved the plants in handmade and handcrafted planters as well as the Miniature Gardens in pots and wooden logs. We saw this Purple Heart indoor plant that absorbs all the toxic gases that causes pollution inside our homes. we also loved the Aster plants that you can grow outside your window or terrace.

    Hang them on your grill or place it inside your living room or bathroom, they'll look beautiful anywhere and also cleanse your home of all the pollution. Prices start at INR 300 and go up to INR 6,000.


    Lily also takes part in a lot of exhibitions. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for deets.