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Gift Bae 5 Unforgettable Experiences This Valentine's Day

Raisa posted on 18 January

Gift your better half these awesome experiences for Valentine’s Day, take an unnecessary number of couple selfies that’ll make your single friends jealous.

Take Pictures From Around The World

Haven’t had a chance to go on holiday yet? Too busy to take a vacay together? No worries. You can now spend the day {for just INR 30!} taking pictures with all the Wonders Of The World. Take a long walk around the newest section of Eco Park and pose for OTT romantic pictures in front of the Taj Mahal or cuddle up on the Great Wall of China. You’ll score tons of cute Insta-worthy couple pictures. Get all the deetz here. Eco Park also has a bunch of other activities like couples cycling and boat rides which are oh-so romantic.

Ride Off Into The Sunset

You can now take a helicopter ride in Kolkata! Trust us, you’ll be scoring a lot of brownie points with bae if you manage to score a ride on this helicopter. The rides start at Behala Flying Club and the approximately 40-minute-long journeys will take you to Digha, Malda or Gangasagar for just INR 2,000. Check out how to get tickets and more here.

Go On The Most Romantic Walk

Too busy to plan something special? We’ve got you covered. Let Us Go will plan the most romantic walk around the city that you could ask for, hassle free! You can customise your walk {do you want an action-packed date or a romantic stroll?}. Get clued up on their packages here.

Sign Up For An Art Class

Do something fun and artsy. Level up date day by signing up for an art class or sculpture and pottery workshop at Art Rickshaw. Fun, different, light-hearted: you’re sure to have a great time. They have a bunch of workshops and classes through the year. Here’s where you can get all the info you need.

Anything Else?

Helicopter rides, romantic proposals by the Victoria Memorial, rooftop candlelit dinner, musical serenades or private boat rides? Popcorn will organise all this and more for you. Make sure to hit them up for the most romantic Valentine’s day ever.