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Lights To Travel Pillows: These Unicorn-Themed Accessories Will Brighten Any Rainy Day

Sayani posted on 26 June

Just so you know—we believe in unicorns and they do fart rainbows! Here are a few amazing unicorn-themed accessories that add some magic to a rainy day.

Dreamy String Lights

Let the unicorn fart some rainbow light and fill up the darkness in your room with these string lights. With tiny unicorns glowing in the dark, this one is sure to make your den magical. You can buy a simple yellow light string or opt for the neon rainbow ones, which we absolutely loved. Check them out here and here.

Magical Mugs

Having a bad day? These unicorn mugs are perfect to leave all that behind and fly into your own dream world. Get some magic dust from the 3D gold horn to brighten up a dull or boring day. Check here and here to make your pick.

The Perfect Neck Pillow

Travelling and got miles left to reach your destination? Take a nice, dreamy nap with this unicorn neck pillow. Available in pink and blue, this one will make for beautiful dreams and smooth sailing. Check here to order.

A Mini Backpack

Meeting up with friends or taking a trip alone? Wherever you go, carry some magic luck with this mini backpack. It’ll not only bring you good vibes, but also amp up your style. Click here to check it out.

Plush Slippers

These plush unicorn slippers are cosy, warm and totes adorable. Slide your feet into the unicorns and traipse around your pad and den sprinkling magic dust. Click here to order.

Marquee Lights

By the bedside or on the wall, these hassle-free, no-wiring-required marquee lights will actually light up your den or your study with some magical good vibes. Available in different colours, match them with your room decor. Check here  and here to order.