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Limited Edition Notebooks, Internationally Acclaimed Authors And More At This Unique Bookstore

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Come to Seagull Books for beautifully produced translations of  literary works from Europe, for its collection on Indian theatre, and the notebooks.

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Named after a 1972 rock concert in which a band called Great Bear {which became famous later as High} performed a song called Seagull Empire, Seagull Books is dedicated to preserving the book culture of the city. Unlike the shiny new-age bookstores, this store is home to translated works from European writers {their publishing firm is also one of the world’s eminent presses for literature in translation} including works by Nobel Laureates, an annual collector’s edition catalogue and other special-interest books.

Stationery lovers, you can also pick up unique limited-edition notebooks designed by artist KG Subramanyan’s paintings and Kalighat art covers {starting from just INR 60}. They’re out of stock now but when they’re back, they’re worth a buy. You’ll get perhaps the most comprehensive collection of books on theatre, film making, academia, regional politics and art in the city.

The bookstore used to have an ‘exchange’ shelf where you could give in a book and take another one off the shelf absolutely free but they stopped that practice about a year ago. Fingers crossed that they’ll restart it soon!

Anything Else?

The floor above the bookstore is dedicated to the publishing wing of Seagull books, founded by Naveen Kishore back in 1982. Seagull’s books, which are designed and produced in-house, are astonishingly beautiful and detailed. They also produce an annual catalogue, a collector’s item packed with richly detailed art and excerpts from forthcoming books, illustrations, photos and more. From embroidered silk to leather-bound, their artistic covers are exquisite.

So, We’re Saying…

If you’re sick of the neon lights and the random aisles of home décor in chain, superstore bookshops, we suggest you head to this place.