Totoro Bottles, Nemo Magnets, R2D2 Hair Ties & More: We're Going Bananas Over This Store's Kawaii Things

Ballygunge, Kolkata


As if the cute, quirky and minimalist combination doesn't alreday make us see hearts in our eyes, Uniso has got a step ahead and added a generous dash of pop culture. Our inner stan is going bonkers and we are ready to swipe our cards to the max at this store in Sarat Bose Road. 

What Makes It Awesome

We won't be surprised, if at first glance you bypass it as just another east Asian brand store with some cutesy stuff. Catch is, it's not just cutesy things, but an insane collection of fandom merch that are up for grabs, if you walk into the store. 

Route 66 tin boxes, Smurfette fridge magnets, Breaking Bad luggage tags - we went temporarily doolally over their collection. None of the usual fandom merch style and prints, Uniso's range is surprisingly unique and quirky. We are totally crushing on the colourful rubber fridge magnets, and loaded up a few Nemo ones. You'll go full out bonkers on the rubber hair ties with cute comic figures (we found a R2D2 hair tie!), too. 

If you love collecting small boxes for nick-knacks, like we do, then their collection of tin boxes will bowl you over. The variety of Route 66 boxes with Cadillacs and motels drawn on them are awesome finds here. For something more nerdy, check out their cookie tins that look like coffee machines!

The store has a special section just given to water bottles and you'll find a host of anime characters sitting on the shelves. We couldn't give our neighbour Totoro a miss. Pikachu and others are waiting for your picks.

Love those funny misspelt Chinese-made items that rub against the snobby nose of high-street fashion? We found bags that were good to make Moschino red. 

What Could Be Better

The flip-side is all of these products are made in China, and durability is not what you should look for. Don't let the name of the store fool you into thinking it's some east Asian brand. It is, in fact, an Indian brand that is stocking up on funky China produced things. 


Most of the fandom merch is avaialble on the ground floor of the store. The first floor is mostly stocked with personal care items and toys.

Ballygunge, Kolkata