Cigars, Spring Rolls & Fried: Here Are 13 Unusual Ways To Have Your Chocolate Fix

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Chocolate cakes and tarts are so yesteryear! From cigars and spring rolls to inventive thalis, Kolkata eateries have raised the bar when it comes to cacao. So go ahead, satisfy your sweet tooth. Here are the most unusual, mad and wacky ways to have your chocolate fix in the city.

Chocolate Cha @Tripti Tea Stall

You gotta love your cha if you are a Kolkata resident and more so if it is served with chocolate. Yes chocolate cha is actually a thing, so gather your friends and adda at this tea stall in front of Rabindra Sarobar Metro (gate 6). Known for fusion teas, they serve this heartwarming cha made with generous amounts of Hersheys syrup, cocoa and chocolate chips (INR 25 for a small cup).

Nutella Pizza @Fabricca Della Pizza

Chocolate pizzas are what the world is thanking the food gods for (two of everyone’s all-time favourites coming together to create nothing short of magic, right?). The Nutella Pizza is a pizza crust comes with Nutella goodness served with roasted almonds and fresh ricotta (INR 325).

Candy Waffles @World Of Waffles

Remember those good old school days of being obsessed with orange candy sticks? They are back but with scrumptiously golden waffles smeared with chocolatey goodness. These candy waffles are served on a stick in flavours of hot chocolate or Nutella – think chocolate waffles that look like pretty little ice-lollies or candy sticks only (INR 55)!

Chocolate Linguini & Chocolate Darsaan @ Sumo Dough

Pasta for dessert anyone? Imagine homemade linguini pasta tossed in crazy amounts of chocolate sauce topped with a scoop of vanilla and a pretty little mint leaf. Expect added fresh fruits of the season as well (INR 275 per plate). Love the traditional Chinese honey-glazed darsaan? Wait till you try the chocolatey take on it (INR 195). With a burst of textures and served up in a glass, this is the goodness of crispy darsaan coated with chocolate syrup over a bed of vanilla ice cream and topped with flakey almonds.

Chocolate Puchka @Pravesh Pani Puri

For me Kolkata is the sheer love for phhuchka. But guess what? Now you can also have phuchkas as a dessert. Why abandon your love for chocolate when gorging on street food? This stall beside Woodlands Hospital in New Alipore serves phuchka filled with a special chocolate filling and chocolate sauce (INR 40 for a plate of 6).

Chocolate Ball On Fire @ Pa Pa Ya

How about putting your chocolate fix on fire and then gobbling it down? This chocolate dome dessert is literally a ‘ball on fire’! Imagine a ball of chocolate brought to the table and set ablaze right in front of you. Made of chocolate ganache, the ball opens up to a scoop of vanilla ice cream, toasted nuts, brownie bits and chocolate sauce (INR 640). Served with fudge and even more chocolate bits, this unique dessert is every chocolate lover’s dream and ever so sensational!

Chocolate and Caramel Fries @ Fries Before Guys

A must try for anyone who is a junk food maniac – this chocolate fix could not get any crazier or yummier (INR 120)! Imagine crispy fries topped with dark chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and grated white chocolate.

Chocolate Dosas & Chocolate Idlis @ Dosa@Twist

Ever thought you could find your chocolate fix while enjoying South Indian? This is really a thing and can be your go to south Indian option {after all why would anyone ever eat anything without chocolate?}. Yes dessert up with dosas and idlis now at Dosa @ Twist {they have fusion south Indian food that is just so fun and also super yummy}. The dosa’s come filled with chocolate sauce and chips {south Indian pancakes at INR 130!} and idlis topped with chocolate sauce {INR 120} served alongside a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Nutella Cigars @ Mumbai Local

How about you smoke a cigar oozing of rich Nutella mousse? Think thin layers of Greek phyllo enveloping Nutella goodness, and 0% tobacco. Decadently chocolatey and a dessert that is served with oomph and smoke at your table (INR 275).

Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi @ Gabbars Bar & Kitchen

Ever thought you could gobble up a potted plant? Wait till you give this classic at Gabbar’s a go for a chocolate burst in each bite (INR 275). Gooey and chocolatey mud pie goodness with Oreo soil, presented like a plant in a pot.

Soap Cake @ Spice Klub

Your chocolate fix also comes in the form of a soap! Crazy right? But ever so delicious and actually a signature at Spice Klub, this Dark Belgian chocolate cake is served like a soap alongside dairy foam and a towel (INR 445)!

Hot Chocolate Foam @ Ping’s Cafe Orient

Forget classic pastries and cakes, how about rich and delicate chocolate foam to make the chocolate lover in you dance? Think rum and crushed ice at the bottom and dark chocolate foaming up the rest of glass  (INR 350).

Hot Chocolate Roll @ Mainland China

Vamp up your chocolate fix with these dark chocolate rolls fried in white sheets and served with good old vanilla ice cream (INR 247).