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Turn Your Little Ones Into Planet-Saving Superheroes With This Brand’s Games

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Upcycler's Lab

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What Makes It Awesome

If you child is always masquerading as a planet-saving superhero wearing a mask and cape, you might want to consider giving him superpowers to actually do so. Upcycler’s Lab has board games and puzzles on concepts such as waste segregation and ocean conservation, that can turn your kids into powerful agents of change. 

Upcycler’s Lab believes that most human behaviour is formed by age 9, which is why it’s crucial that you start them young. They primarily create products for ages 2-9 years. As a parent, you would probably nod in agreement to the fact that over 70% learning happens outside the classroom and that play based learning helps retain information for longer. Upcycler’s Lab combines these facts into making fun games for children that align with environmental goals. Pick up their Eco Alphabets Flash Cards and teach your kids the A-Z of sustainability. The Upcycler’s Lab Educational is a five in one activity set that will help your child learn how to segregate waste into wet, dry and hazardous. It also contains flash cards on endangered animals to help create awareness on animal conservation. Apart from the games, Upcycler’s Lab also offers upcycled and plantable stationery. 


If we cannot leave behind a 100 percent safe planet for our young ones, let’s atleast try and empower them with the right knowledge to maybe stop or even undo the damage. If knowledge is power, let’s make learning their superpower.