10 Instagrammable Recipes That Went Viral: How Many Have You Tried?

    The new normal has brought out the inner masterchef in most of us. No wonder then, we took to our kitchens like never before and churned out some ah-mazing recipes that spread like wildfire. Here we look at 10 such recipes that took the internet by storm.

    How many have you tried?

    Dalgona Coffee

    You know that this one is basically ‘feti hui coffee’ with a fancy name, right? Named after a Korean honeycomb toffee, this dessert-like drink requires only three ingredients that we bet you already have - instant coffee powder, hot water and sugar. Whip these up into a frothy, creamy mix. Pour it over milk (hot or cold). Don’t forget to click a quick one for the Gram.

    We made Dalgona coffee in 60 seconds. Here's a glimpse!

    Banana Bread

    This one has been everyone’s lockdown baby. This is perhaps the most delicious way to use up overripe bananas. Believe it or not, dark and ugly bananas bring a ton of flavour to the bread. Combine all your basic baking ingredients with the ripest bananas you can get your hands on. Takes all of 10 minutes to whisk together. Wait till your house fills with a tempting aroma of warm, freshly-baked banana bread.


    Admit it. You’ve been aching to try your hand at making this fizzy drink. Kombucha has been riding high on the ‘fermented recipes during quarantine’ bandwagon. If this is something you want to try making at home, begin by growing your own SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast). All you need is tea, sugar, some pre-made kombucha and lots of time (2–4 weeks). Once all of this combined starts looking scary and ugly, you are probably doing it right.

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    Sourdough Bread

    This is the bread EVERYONE is making in lockdown right now! These days you can’t scroll down Instagram without coming across a sourdough recipe. Let us get you started with the crucial first step - making sourdough starter. Two ingredients: whole rye or whole wheat flour, and cool water. Process: you’re basically adding flour and water to a jar, feeding it with more flour and water over time, and then waiting for it to become bubbly and double in size.

    Tip: Don’t overthink, just do it!

    Pantry Pasta

    The ultimate soul food is also a perfect lockdown recipe. When it comes to making pasta, you can cook up a storm with whatever is available in your kitchen, even leftovers. If you are rationing your food intake, pantry pasta is what you can cook. Different versions of this fuss-free, comfort food are all over the web. Get looking and cooking.

    Focaccia Art

    If you're going to bake bread during lockdown, then bake pretty-looking bread. there’s a new doughy trend on the block – focaccia art. Not content with just making your own loaves? Turn that dough into a canvas. Focaccia art is all about decorating the Italian bread with gorgeous designs made using available vegetables (tomatoes, capsicum, olives or sprigs of herbs). Now you can make your art and eat it too.

    Ramen and Cheese

    Pizza and all is fine but have you ever had ramen with melted cheese on top? If not, now is a good time to try it. Ramen is essentially a comfort food in Asian cooking. However, if you give this staple food an American twist (think: mac and cheese), you have a perfect lockdown recipe in your hands. Thank us later!

    Ever tried making Ramen with Maggi? Give it a shot!

    Souffle Omlette

    Light, fun and fluffy - this French-inspired egg dish is stuff lockdown dreams are made of. What you need? Eggs, butter, salt and pepper. Just be sure to beat the daylights out of those egg whites first. This will create tiny air bubbles that will swell up when heated resulting in a fluffy texture. Slurp!

    Pancake Cereal

    The newest kid on the block is the cookie and pancake cereal. Yep, you read that right. Running out of breakfast options while in lockdown? This new cereal will bring in a welcome change. Cut your cookie dough into tinier pieces or pour tiny spoonfuls of the pancake batter - idea is to create cereal-sized pieces. Bake and then let this innovative cereal harden a bit more. Eat as you please!

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    Babka Bread

    The twisty chocolate cake from Eastern Europe is the most recent one to catch everyone's fancy. There is a confusion though about it been a cake or a bread, so let's set the record straight here - Babka is a Jewish bread that dates back almost 400 years (yep!). Make the dough and the filling separately, then layer it together into swirls, and bake. Top it off with a streusel - a crumb topping of sugar, butter, and flour, for the texture and crunch. Psst: Want your Babka to be yummier? Use Nutella and thank us later.


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