We Are Loving This Parlour's Cones Which Will Light Up Your Insta And Tummy!

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What Makes It Awesome

We were looking for icy cold treats, especially something a little more adventurous than vanilla and chocolate. Luckily, we found one with some weird and wonderful frozen treats. We are talking about Ice-O-Metry in Chakraberia, on Sarat Bose Road.

Vodka and lime is one of those evergreen alcoholic drinks. Have you ever had it in frozen form, though? We had it in a cone at Ice-O-Metry, this small frozen dessert parlour on Sarat Bose Road. They offer ice creams, softy and sundaes in 'normal' and alcohol-infused versions – all 100% vegetarian. On a rain-swept chilly evening, it hit all the right notes. The lime flavour was clean and citrusy with a hint of bitterness from the vodka.

Vodka-lime isn't the only offbeat flavour here and Ice-O-Metry is home to wacky flavours like Coffee and Tequila – a full-bodied, caramel-coloured treat – and Presecco With Orange, quirky and intensely flavoured, but the liquor wasn't that obvious in this one. They also have a Charcoal Vanilla With Rum. You must try the Gold Leaf softy with chocolate sauce. For those wanting to play it safe, they have flavours like muskmelon, Oreo cookies, chocolate, mint, orange, kesar and strawberry. Get them in a cone of your choice or unadorned in a cup – either way, they’re eye-poppingly good.

The softies come in 'normal' and alcohol-infused' versions too. The snow cones are very popular – a softy wrapped in candy floss in a cone and topped with sprinkles. Low in sugar and fat, they are made with organic colours. You will get a mega childhood throwback here as a whirring candy floss machine churns out fluffy, sugary clouds reminiscent of school days.


You can serve up their softies at your special events and end on a sweet note.