Looking For The Perfect Photo? These Walls Are So Insta-Worthy

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We scoured Kolkata for Insta-worthy walls and found these. They’ll make your followers double tap faster than ever before.

This Butterfly Beauty

The walls at The Studio, a fitness and wellness centre in Tangra, have this uber-cute butterfly. You can stand in front of it and it looks like you have wings. It’s just the kind of pick-me-up you need after a workout. It’s also a really interesting way to use an otherwise obsolete corner of the room. We’re alos loving how the angel wines are colourful and bright, veering away from the generic white angelic look. The Studio has a lot of really interesting art on their walls {probably one of the more artistic fitness centers in the city} they have fun fitness doodles and motivational wall-art.

This Symmetrical Perfection

This one is outside Artsy Cafe {walk into the Ashok Hall School lane just off AJC Bose Road, under the flyover}. This bright, symmetrical beauty with clean-cut lines is OCD-level perfection. We also love how the bright yellow jumps out at you. Stand along the righthand side of the picture and you’re sure to get an aesthetically pleasing shot. Read more about Artsy here.

This Walk Through Italy

Fabbrica Della Pizza is one of the prettiest restaurants in town — it’s like taking a walk through an Italian village. There are tons of gorgeous spots but we absolutely love the wooden door with the floral pelmet. If you stand just in front of the door, you’ll get a gorgeous shot. The farthest wall on the top floor is another picture-worthy moment. From floor to ceiling, its pastel nature art painted onto the wall. The wooden tables and pretty lights just add to the mood.

This Piece Straight Out Of Pinterest

The Salt House is Kolkata’s newest rooftop lounge and cafe and it has a picture wall in the open courtyard area. The wall is lined with rows of plants in rustic earthen pots (we love that the pots haven’t been painted so they’ve maintained their natural tones). Although there are tables in front of the wall — which takes away from the expansiveness —  but it still makes for a really pretty picture. In the daytime, you’ll get a bright sunlit shot and in the evening, the huge light hanging above the courtyard will give a different vibe to your picture.

This Window Wall

By far our favourite of the lot, you’ll find this wall just outside Artsy Cafe. If you walk into the Ashok Hall School lane just off AJC Bose Road, this wall falls on your left just after the entrance to Artsy. Made of actual old windows from Kolkata houses, the wall is bright green and symmetrical perfection. You can even sneak a peak into the gallery inside. The perfect time to get a good shot is when the sun is going down — the light at dusk creates gorgeous shadows.

This Unicorn-Themed Happiness

Art Rickshaw had a unicorn street art festival recently and what remains is a gorgeous 300 feet of unicorn-themed happiness. Right though the year, their main entrance is always very artsy — they have had a rainbow paint set, a decorated cycle and other creative, colourful things in the past. You’ll always find really bright and colourful art installations (we’re all on board the rainbow trend!) a lot of which is made with recycled material. The picture shows the blue unicorn installation made with a discarded washing machine!

This Splash Of Colour

If you walk down Park Street, you’ll see a cool, funky, colourful splash of graffiti just outside the Park Hotel. Made by a local artist, the graffiti represents a lot of what Park Street is about – youth, fun, music – in a really edgy way! If you notice carefully, the artwork is actually done on the shutters which would otherwise be grey or white like all other stores. Bonus points for innovation!

These Feminist Artworks

Walk around Purna Das Road and nearby areas, and you will come across several walls that have been an over-arching feminist art theme. Like this 3-D effect image done on a wooden door and carrying on to the pavement, in front of Mrs Magpie cafe, and this amazing striped image in Southern Avenue close to Bijoli Grill. The image on the left featured on top is also from around the area. These were all painted as part of the ‘Missing’ campaign on trafficking by Kolkata-based artist Leena Kejriwal. Read more about it here.

This Wall Of Frames

This wall full of frames at Sienna Cafe on Hindustan Park Road has been around for a while and has already featured on many Kolkata Instagram accounts by now. It’s as soon as you walk in to the cafe from the store. Some of the frames have been left empty while others have so-Kolkata pictures. To be honest, not just that wall, we are all about the entire Pinterest-y vibe of the cafe. We’re hoping they bring back the really cool cycle which was an installation that they used to have parked outside the entrance.