A 1000 Bucks & Bargaining Skills Will Take You A Long Way At New Market

    Taltala, Kolkata

    What Makes It Awesome

    New Market Area and the adjacent area of Esplanade Metro Station is always crowded with shopkeepers and traders. It's a great place to shop till you drop, with a plethora of options to choose from. It's also THE place where just about a 1000 bucks can take you a long way! Before shopping, we all make a mental list of what we need, right? Suppose this is your list: A pair of sandals or shoes or juttis, one kurti, a shirt, a side bag or purse or a tote, a pair of jeggings, and a pair of jhumkas. With this list in our mind, hit the streets of Esplanade area. While you step out from Esplanade Metro Station Gate No.5, you'll spot a local shop full of jeans, besides which you'll find a stand-alone kurti store. This local kurti shop has a massive variety to choose from! Expect to shop a kurti for INR 150 and a pair of jeggings for INR 200. Next up, our hunt for bags and shoes. For that, make your way to the footpath of Big Bazaar, Esplanade, and you'll spot two bag sellers with plenty of options to choose from. However, the best collections of sidebags, totes and purses are found in the lane adjacent to Shreeram Arcade, or in the lane of New Market and S.SHogg Market. One can buy a beautiful bag for INR 200 only {don't forget to bargain and haggle a bit.} Kurti, a pair of jeggings and a bag are checked off- and there's still INR 450 to go! Next up, shoes! For shoes, travel to the lane beside Paradise Movie Hall, where you'll find a huge collection of juttis, shoes, crocs, sandals etc. You can easily get a pair of shoes for INR 150-200. If you take a stroll in the lane of Shreeram Arcade {facing the main road} and walk straight, you'll spot a local shopkeeper near the footpath of Peter England, who sells a variety of tees and shirts. Shop for a checked shirt for INR 200 from this seller. Also, there's an awesome collection of junk or trendy jewellery available in the lane overlooking New Market, and from any one of the shops one can get a medium sized jhumka for INR 50. So, the cost of all of these items sums to just a 1000 bucks! Of course, with more money you can obviously get hold of more things, but don't forget to sharpen your bargaining skills, ladies.


    Parking is available, but we recommend you get dropped there by a cab, or take the metro. Avoid your heels and carry your bottle of water!
      Taltala, Kolkata