Try Out These Lip-Smacking Rolls From Bhookkad!

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    Park Circus, Kolkata

    Got these amazing rolls from Bhookkad. Let me start with the packaging. It was packed so well in double wrappers and the food was served hot.
    Now coming to the rolls that I ordered:
    1. Bhukkad Supreme Roll: Double Egg Double Chicken stuffing Cheese Sauce
    2. Chicken Cheese Roll: Homemade Chicken Stuffing with Cheese Sauce
    3. Paneer Cheese Roll: Homemade Paneer Stuffing with Cheese Sauce

    All the rolls are worth appreciating. The chicken pieces were soft and juicy! The paneer was soft too! And the supreme roll tasted lipsmacking!
    The kitchen sanitization was maintained and the temperature check of the delivery person was conducted before.

    Overall a very good experience and thanks to @bhookkad_bhookkad for sending these!

    Location: Park Circus
    Rating: 4.5/5
      Park Circus, Kolkata