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Chill Out Maxin' And Relaxin' With Some Sick Beats At The Sienna Cafe Every Week

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At best, on hump days we are like Atlas carrying the massive mountain of stress (unless, we’re already under it!); and let’s get real – the watered-down tipple and mind-numbing techno beats in the pubs do no good for the mood. What’s wanting is the possibility-full ‘New York state of mind’ along with a good brew of joe for mindful relaxation, and we’re having a good dose of it with Smoke Inc.

What Makes It Awesome

Smoke Inc has kicked off their Summer Soul residency with ennyLounge at the Sienna Café, and our summer Wednesday evenings are about to have a better case of unwinding without the usual boring serve of techno beats. Cool off the summer heat and the stress with a helpful dash of RnB, alt Hip-Hop, neo soul and rap (the kind that’s still not leapt out of your playlist and into the pubs) as Smoke Signal (Nishit Arora) and PhreshPrince (Tushar Bagla) take over the console at Sienna while you sip on a good cuppa cold brew. Crooning out from the speakers will be Alicia Keys, J Cole, Anderson. Paak, Floetry and the sort. You can kill the worry softly with The Fugees or try stopping things from falling apart with The Roots, but you’ve got to be here on all summer hump days because it’s vibin’ out like nowhere else!

What Could Be Better

With such sorted Wednesdays, we can't think of asking for anything more.


Good news for health nuts, everything they serve is homemade {from the bread to the pesto sauce} so you can be rest assured it’s all fresh and healthy!