Get A Dose Of Molecular Gastronomy At This Fine Dining Spot On Camac Street

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What Makes It Awesome

What's in a name really? That is the ethos of Whats in d Name, a luxury fine-dining in Camac Street. As you enter, you will be delighted to see soft, white concrete finished walls and chairs with cane handles, in mauve (now that's a colour which you don't often see).

We were welcomed by an array of mocktails, and the presentation was as amazing as the taste. We got their signature cocktail at first which was served in a bowl of dry ice and we couldn't help but make an Instagram boomerang of the whole thing. Infused with lemongrass and rosemary, it was a gin-based cocktail mixed with triple sec syrup and garnished with orchids, which made it smell pleasant. It was followed by the Paan-Infused Whiskey Sour and the rum-based Green & Grass, served in a faux coconut!

Chef Aakash Das designed the menu with the aim of serving global fusion cuisine by using local ingredients. The first example of this was the Amuse Bouche, a mishti doi spear served on two shells, flavoured with litchi and topped with coconut foam and strawberry gel. All you gotta do is pop those spears from the shell. Molecular gastronomy at its best we say.

You need to visit the place and try the food, because half of the food is eaten through the experience. Vegetarians have to try their Mushroom Espresso (a soup) served with truffle snow and dehydrated mushrooms, FALTU (feta, avocado, lettuce, tomato & umami) Salad, Jalapeno Cheese Pops and Mushroom Sliders in black charcoal buns. The Jalapeno cheese pops are served with homemade beetroot, carrot and turnip crisps.

Meat lovers can find solace in their Chevre Tikka, which is chicken tikka served with chicken papad and dip of roasted bell pepper coulis. Are you a seafood lover? Try their Wasabi Prawns, which is fused with Bengalis' favourite dip, mustard or kasundi, and the pungency just adds to the flavour of the prawns. Of course we couldn't have left without the dessert and tried Cocoa-nut. After being floored by the presentation, we were given two generous chocolate shells filled with a mousse of toffee sauce and brûlée of coconut. We can certainly say now - what's in a name really?