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One Of Our Fave Cafes Just Got An Overhaul And You've To Visit It Right Now

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What Makes It Awesome

One of Kolkata’s most popular hangout zone, What’s Up! Café on Southern Avenue, has sprung a surprise for the visitors and guests. The café has added a third level upper deck above the existing two levels. We are already imagining a marvellous and picturesque view of the city peeping through the overwhelming green of Southern Avenue. The upper deck is a 52-seater which means now the café can accommodate 200 people.

If you think that was all, wait till you read more. What's Up! has also included a few new additions to the north Indian menu. You'll be left wanting for more when you order their Fish Kabiraji Cutlet or Fowl Kabiraji Cutlet for appetisers. It will act as the perfect accompaniment with your alcohol. The new menu will get fish lovers excited with dishes like Fish Mahi Malai Makkhanwala, which is chunks of bekti cooked in mild spiced creamy sauce and served with home salad, or the Mahi Roast – Dakshini Style, where the fish is cooked with spicy chilli masala, flavoured with curry leaves and served with homemade raita.  Try their prawn bhaapa if you wan to ditch fish for the day.

Don't worry if meat's your thing, 'cause What's Up! has you covered. You can order their Reshmi Chicken Chilli which is tandoor cooked chicken finished in cheesy spicy sauce, (we can sense too much calories in this one), Murgh Butter Masala, and Kosha Manghsho. But our favourite picks had to be the Mutton Dahi Vada (which is served with luchi!) and Shredded Mutton Kurkure (masala coated and fried boneless strips of mutton served with our very own alu bhaja). Vegetarians can indulge in the Malai Paneer Chilli, Soya Malai Makkhanwala, Gobi Roast - Dakshini Style, Paneer Mustard Cutlet, Yellow Dal Maharani and Mirchi Roti.

The bar menu has also expanded with additions like Jalapeno Mexican Cooler, Djinn In A Matka, The Angry Dragon, Xtra Long Island Iced Tea and Balti Liquor (240 ml of alcohol + 100 ml of mix). It's time to get hold of your cocktail loving friends and raise a toast.