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Enjoy The Delicious Bengali Delicacies At The Newest Outlet Of Aami Bangali!

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The newest outlet of Aami Bangali is launched in New Town Plaza mall. Being a Bengali, Bangali food is what we love. With no more talking, I will surely head to what we had and how was it.

Coming to the food, we had:

• Gondhoraj Ghol- Gondhoraj ghol is a drink which is made with curd and lemon. Gondhoraj Ghol is quite healthy, and keeps your body cool from inside. One must have this during the summer.

• Aam Pannar Shorbot- Aam Pannar shorbot is everyone's favorite. It is made by squishing raw mango, and then is prepared with the juice obtained from it.

• Morog Peyaji- Peyaji is a pretty famous dish in whole Indian. It is a kind of chop/tele bhaja made with onions. Shredded onions, dipped in batter and then fried. Morog peyaji is fusion of chicken (aka murgi) and peyaji. They dipped shredded onions and chicken in the batter and then fried it.

• Fish Finger Bhetki- We all love to have fish finger. Bengali cuisine means there have to be fish fry or fish finger. The fish fingers served by aami bangali had a thick filling in the inside and hard crust at the outside.

Shukto- Not something I am quite fond of, but yes, shukto is one of the main elements of bengali cuisine.

• Steamed Fine Basmati Rice- Goes with any kind of gravy dishes. I had this with the kochupata chingri bhapa, pabda jhal, tangra jhal and bhetki paturi.

• Kaju Kismis and Basanti Pulao- Basanti pulao goes best with chicken kosha bhuna and mutton kosha.

• Luchi- Try the luchi, cholar daal and chicken kosha bhuna, the best trio ever. Try this trio and then I can tove you the guarantee that you will surely thank me.

• Sona Moong Dal Motorshuti Diye- Goes best with the hot steamed fine Basmati rice.

• Cholar Dal Narkel Diye- Try this with luchi. The combo of luchi and cholar dal is forever the best combo.

• Dhonkar Dalna- A pure vegetarian dish from the Bengali cuisine. Dhonkar dalna is loved by both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Dhonka is prepared from soaked Bengal gram which is grounded coarsely with spices, then dry roasted into a paste and finally cut into diamonds and fried.

• Kochupata Chingri Bhapa- I tried this for the first time. The taste was really amazing. It was served with steamed rice.

• Katla Kalia- Katla mach is the most common fish, which we nearly consume each and every day. But at home, getting katla kalia is not frequent. Katla kalia made in weddings and restaurant has a different taste in it. 

• Pabda Jhal- Pabda Macher Tel Jhaal or Pabda Macher Jhol is a staple Bengali Fish Curry. Pabda is a delicate fish with extremely flavourful flesh. Hence Pabda Macher Kalo Jeerer Jhol is cooked light with minimal usage of spices. Surprisingly this version of Pabda Tel Jhaal requires No Onion No Garlic and No Tomato at all. The bata moshla/masala (freshly pounded spices) and fresh coriander leaves are the key for this fragrant curry to bring the best flavour from the pabda itself.

• Tangra Jhal- This is a simple recipe but the mix of mustard paste and kalo jeerey makes this runny fish broth unique in taste. Pabda or Bata macher Jhal is my another favourite.

• Bhetki Paturi- Paturi is pride of Bengali cuisine. Bhetki paturi is a dish which people have been loving since various decades. The bhetki fillet is wrapped in banana leaves and then cooked either by steaming or grilling on pan.

• Pomfret Jhal- This is a traditional Bengali homemade style Pomfret fish curry. It is cooked with minimum of spices and is a quick recipe.It does not have too much gravy and is on the dry side. It is best relished with only and only plain steamed rice.

• Chitol Peti- Only hardcore bongs know the taste of chitol and would prefer to have this.

• Daab Chingri- People who can't consume chingri due to some health problem, I feel very sorry for them as they miss one of the most important dish in this food world. Daab chingri is a special Bengali prawn curry, which is prepared/cooked and served in a green coconut.

• Ilish Shorshe- The queen of all fishes lies in the heart and stomach of every bong. Ilish is always necessary when we talk about bengali cuisine, and what else is better than shorshe ilish. Shorshe ilish with hot pipping rice is a bliss.

• Boneless Lebu Lonka Murgi- From kids to senior citizens, everyone can have this. It was a very light preparation of chicken, prepared with lemon, chili(kacha lonka) and curd. You can have this with any kind of rice preparation. Another highly recommended dish from this place.

• Chicken Kosha Bhuna- Kosha chicken is loved by everyone and it also goes with any kind of Indian bread or rice. Kosha chicken is the most common, yet the most flavourful and tasty dish invented by the Indians. I had this with luchi, and I will request you guys to try it.

• Mutton Kosha- Bengalis are hardcore meat lover, and mutton is something that is very close to their heart. Without mutton, we Bengalis cannot complete a good feast. You can try it with the basanti pulao or luchi or steamed rice. It goes well with anything.

• Nabodwiper Mishti Doi- Mishti doi is also referred to be Bengali cuisine's ice cream. Thick and heavy curd, served in a small earthen pot.

• Chutney of the Day- The chutney was prepared with pineapple. You can clearly feel the flavours of pineapple in it.

• Papad- Chutney is incomplete without Papad. The papad was not too much oily and was crunchy.

Coming to the ambience and service. The place is a bit small but decorated very beautifully. They had various artistic pictures hanging in the walls. Their hospitality was no doubt great. All of them were quite helpful and humble. Hope to visit this place soon again.