Elephant Safaris To Endangered Species: Head Out To This Jungle Lodge For A Wild Summer Vacay


    Living an urban life, surrounded by tall buildings and commotion of a busy city can be very tiring at times. If you need an escape from all the hustle bustle to reconnect with nature, head out to Wild Grass Lodge.

    What is it?

    It’s a jungle lodge with an elegant, vintage look situated right outside the famous Kaziranga National Park in Assam {home to tigers, elephants and the one-horned rhino}.

    Wild Expectations

    The red lodge with its distinctive shape will remind you of European architecture. The really long dining room with tiered windows is strewn with framed photos and paintings and even a few old firearms. The rooms come with wood-panelled flooring start at around INR 2,500 per night {doubles}. They have no TV in the rooms so you get a real respite from urban life.

    They provide three meals including tea/coffee and will pack lunch if you plan to spend the day walking around or going on a safari in the jungle. They also provide village tours, forest treks, wildlife Jeep and elephant safaris {which start at 5am} and tea garden visits.

    The area is also a birdwatcher’s paradise with over 450 species including the majestic pied hornbill, and endangered Bengal florican.

    How Do I Get There?

    You can fly or take the train to Guwahati which is 200kms away. Or try Rowriah airport at Jorhat {88km or two hrs away} which is connected to Kolkata and Guwahati by Jet Airways. The nearest railway is Furkating junction  {80kms away}.

    Anything Else?

    Hurry before all the rooms get booked, because this one is one of the most highly demanded stays in the region.
    For any other queries contact: 09954416945. For more, check out the page here.