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Sustainable Living Is The Way To Go & This Organisation Will Help You Achieve Exactly That

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We're sure, like us, it's irritating for you to see the amount of waste dumped on the streets every day. We all know how harmful it is for the environment but very few take the initiative to actually do something about it. Well, we found one that's doing some really cool and kickass stuff using waste.

Wonders of Waste (WOW) is a team of young souls who upcycle and recycle industrial or any other kind of waste to create spaces, stationery and art installations to make your office, home, cafe or event more sustainable and environment-friendly. Megha, Ritika and Swati - the genius minds behind WOW - believe that zero waste is the ideal way to go. They create sustainable interior spaces and bamboo structures for indoor and outdoor spaces as well as upcycled stationery products and art installations using waste. 

Whether you wish to do up you home or office space, plan to open a cafe or a restaurant, redecorate college or university space, do event decorations or put up art installations in parks or markets or squares, Wonders of Waste will do it for you and how! They made an outdoor adda space using old tyres for a zero waste event and we loved how colourful and innovative it was! Have you been to Ubuntu Community Cafe in Dhakuria? If you have, then we're sure the decor of the place must have caught your eye. Well, you now know who to give credit to for doing up the space so beautifully - yes guys, WOW was behind it all.

They source all the waste from kabadiwalas or organisations that collect waste and use those materials to reshape an give them a new form. If you have reusable materials or any form of waste, you can give it to them and watch them work their magic on it. They'll also customise it just the way you want it.


WOW also conducts awareness workshops around waste management, segregation and upcycling and recycling of waste. So you get to learn how to make fun stuff (think stationery, beads, bells, bangles and more!) using waste through games and  interactive and hands-on sessions.