Start Spreading The News: This Café's Wood-Fired Pizzas Are Brunch Goals

    New Market, Kolkata


    The name has to be exotic, the feel has to be European and the ambience must definitely be happening to serve up a good wood-fired pizza — popular opinion goes that way. Not so. A humble café tucked in one of the alleys of Sudder Street has been serving the yummiest, fresh-baked woodfire pizza before anyone else came along.

    Why Get Fired Up About These?

    Wondering what’s so special about woodfired pizzas? Well, to begin with that is how pizzas were made originally. Wood-fired ovens, or brick ovens with a chimney that use wood as the fuel, are known to make the best kind of pizzas. The pizzas cook fast, retain nutritional value and also have the much-craved smoky taste that the wood fire adds to it.

    Raj’s Spanish Café not only has a wood-fired oven, but also authentic Italian recipes that are handed down to its cooks by Italian patrons who come and train the cooks every few times a year.

    Made From Scratch Alright

    Made from scratch is not a thing that most eateries can boast of. Raj’s {aka Rajendra Singh} little café lined with humble plastic furniture has an open kitchen that allows one to see the pizza getting made from scratch, from the dough getting handrolled to adding fresh toppings and the cheese {oodles of cheese, I mean} bubbling in the wood fire heat. Give the Funghi pizza a miss at your risk {because it’s something to die for}. If you want non-veg, try the Pollo E Funghi for chicken and mushroom toppings, or the Fruity Di Mare Pizza with seafood toppings.

    Anything Else?

    No, they don’t put chocolate or pineapple on their pizzas, but their chocolate soufflé and watermelon juice are perfect on the side.

    Pocket Pinch: INR 600 {for two}.

      New Market, Kolkata