Got A Tiny Space? These Organisers & Storages Will Help You Marie Kondo It!

    Now that we're spending so much time at home, there's no escaping disorganised rooms or those messy corners. You've gotta Marie Kondo it bruh, unless you thrive in chaos! Which we're not sure many of us do. So, to make sure you're not letting those piles of clothes or your treasure of books eat up too much of your space, we're recommending some amazing portable and budget-friendly organisers/storages. These will keep your mess in one place, declutter your space and will actually be a blessing in disguise for neat freaks (like me)!

    Here's is a list of smart organisers to bring home right now!

    Minimal Cubical Storage

    Fans of minimal design and whites, rejoice! This is the organiser to bring home and make that empty corner in your room a little more useful. This storage is divided into five cubes and one hanging space. WOW. We can totally imagine so many things in our home that needs to be in here. From your clothes and laundry to accessories and books even, use this for all those items which usually don't have a designated space in your home or are usually lying on the floor.

    Price: INR 1,900 (totally worth it)

    Hanging Storage

    Hanging Storage

    Don't have enough space to introduce a new cabinet? Make use of the space you've got and multi-task it. This one is great to store the items that you need on a daily basis but which somewhat get lost in the ocean of clothes in your wardrobe. Last-minute hunting for socks or napkins your perpetual scene? #Relate. This is for you my friend. 

    You simply need to hang this on a rod and if your cupboard is huge enough, it can be placed within the cupboard too. 

    Price: 799.

    You might also want to go through these apps which help organise homes. 

    Collapsible Wardrobe

    Collapsible Wardrobe

    This one is like a cute little portable cupboard which is totally worth the price. No, really! While this is mainly for clothes, no one says it cannot be used for storing other stuff! This can also be used to store your bed linen, extra cushions, quilts, travel bags, books and more.

    There's a curtain too, so that kinda hides all the mess behind it.

    Price: INR 1, 100.

    Bamboo Garment Rack

    Not entirely storage, but it carries all your extra stuff without occupying much space. Best part? It's got wheels! So, take it from your room to the living room or the storage room even. This is mainly for your wardrobe - so you can organise your apparel, shoes, bags, scarves and more. 

    Price: INR 2,199 (slightly pricey) 

    Cubicle Storage

    20 Cube Storage

    Because we really loved the first one, we added one more. But this one's got a different style and a hell of a lot more storage space, tbh! It's got a whopping 20 cubes to store all kind of stuff. Literally anything and everything. From clothes to cutlery, from books to extra wires, kids' toys and remotes newspapers, letters etc. 

    Price: INR 4,300.

    Invisible Bookshelves

    Conceal Wall Shelves

    Stay in a home where guests will find books at every possible corner? Haha, we relate. So how about showcasing your collection in a way that's well-organised and doesn't take up extra space? We've found these invisible bookshelves which simply need to be attached to the walls and take up to approximately half kgs worth in weight. It comes in a set of 3. We'd say, while arranging the books, make sure they're colour coordinated. #DecorGoals!

    Price: INR 2,500.

    3 Level Laundry Storage

    3 level Laundry Storage

    Let's accept it. In every Indian household, there's a messy corner with bottles of detergent, washing powder, brushes, dusting tools, tissues and whatnot. Well, it's time to declutter the mess and have it all in one place. And we found this 3-level storage answer to all our woes. Portable and compact, it's good to fit in every corner. 

    Price: INR 3,000 (agreed, thoda pricey)

    Oh, and here's a list of portable appliances to dry clothes at home. 

    Chic Wire Bin

    Everyone's home. Everyone's working. There are so many gadgets - phones, laptops, iPad, computer etc etc. And with these come with tons and tons of wires. Hanging from the walls, dangling from the table or worst case, an entire bunch of wires tangled amongst each other. Yikes! For those with serious OCD with organising, this can be a major issue. We get it!

    So, here's a tiny compact box to untangle all those wires. Woohoo! This one box will make sure all the wires are in place and not visible. #Blessing

    Price: INR 599

    Pastel Shoe Organisers

    Shoe Organiser

    Lastly, shoes too, no matter that we barely notice them, do need organising and storage. Or we'd see a pair of flip-flops lying in the hallway or sneakers at the entrance. No-no! We don't want that, nor we want to be welcomed with shoes first thing in the morning. The June Shop has amazing sets of shoe organisers which not only save on space but also makes the shoe rack a much neater space.

    Price: INR 599 and upwards.